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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A jar of Joy

To make this fun holiday project simply start with an old clear jar. Make sure the mouth is large enough that a battery powered candle will fit.
UPDATE:  I put a coat of glass etch of the jar and let it set overnight.  Rinse well and remove etching creme from all grooves.  This will give the paint something to "grab" onto.
Clean it well and coat with a semi-transparent gold shimmer paint.  I used a spouncer to blot it on.  It will not look perfect, but should be fairly opaque.
I glued on chipboard letters and sprayed it with silver Krylon glitter paint. Option: I also painted directly on the glass with a paint pen when using a font with more detail or you could use a stamp.

Use any wire you like (I used old baling wire from the barn), wrap around mouth of jar, add a jingle bell and a star.  NOTE: Be careful when wrapping the baling wire as it will mar the new paint. Put a piece of thin cardstock or Press N seal wrap between the jar and wire when you twist the wire. It is easy to touch up the paint though. 

I cut the star from a cereal box, painted it a rusty color and then coated it with brush on glitter paint.  I glued the star directly to the wire.  Add a metal jingle bell or two if you wish.  Add a battery powered votive candle. Do not use a candle with an actual flame - the paint and glue may catch on fire.

 For another take on painted bottles see www.villabarnes.blogspot.com     She has many great tutorials and ideas for painted furniture.

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  1. Oh to be this creative! I love this! Love ALL of your things!